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​SoH Graduate Students and Faculty Get-Together 2018

Published on: 16-Oct-2018

EventSoH Graduate Students and Faculty Get-Together 2018
Date 16 October 2018
Time 12pm – 2.30pm
Venue HSS Foyer
Registration/ InformationEmail invitation to SoH Graduate Students and SoH Faculty
Event write-up
The first School of Humanities (SoH) Graduate Students and Faculty Get-Together was conducted in 2017. The purpose of the event is to create a platform for Graduate Students to get to know the faculty members of SoH and vice versa. This event helps both students and faculty to come out of their offices and cubicles, to meet, talk and exchange ideas. It also creates an opportunity for students to get to know their peers and professors from disciplines other than their own. Such mingling sessions help enhance student experience within the school. 

On 16th October 2018, a second such session took place in the HSS Foyer. With close to 60 professors and graduate students attending the event, it was a great success.

The Get-Together consists of a welcome from the Chair and Associate Chair (Research), a mingling lunch session, and a tour of the Temporary Office Building conducted by the Graduate Student Club for the higher management. 

If you have missed both sessions, don’t miss the fun again at the next session. Stay tuned for more updates on the next get-together.

Here are some comments from our students.

“My view on the SOH Graduate Students Get-Together lies in three aspects, first, I think it was a very pleasant gathering event, many graduate students showed up and actively engaged with each other, perhaps it was during lunch time so that many students were attracted by the food, maybe food is a very key element of the event. Second, after the event some students asked me, “could we have more gatherings like this?” So I think generally people enjoyed it, thus, as a part of GSC, I hope I can organize more gatherings for our community and students can have more gatherings. Last, it was very nice several professors joined us thereby students  got chances to know them and communicate with them.” 
- Luka, PhD

“I thought the get-together was quite a good session, because it gave students the opportunity to interact with some of the faculty members outside of more formal channels; in particular, the more informal setting allowed for more chit-chat beyond just the usual academic discussions. Really do hope to see more of such events in the future!”
- Yong Kang, MA

Speaker /s


  1. Prof K.K. Luke, Chair (SoH)
  2. Assoc Prof Goh Geok Yian, Associate Chair (Research)


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