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​Research News | Student URECA project published in Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics (RHGT)

Published on: 04-Jan-2019

Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (LMS) student ​Vanessa Ellen Nah’s URECA paper was published in an international peer-reviewed journal, Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics (RHGT), the third international Journal in Historical Geography and Toponymy. Vanessa's supervisor, Dr Francesco Perono Cacciafoco, is also the co-author of the paper.

The paper deals with the notion and the description of imaginary places, in particular imaginary islands and the etymology of their names, focusing not only on Historical Linguistics and Etymology, but also on Historical Cartography, Historical Geography, and History of Culture.

NAH, Vanessa Ellen Mei Yin, and Francesco PERONO CACCIAFOCO. 2018. Ex-Isles: Islands that Disappeared. Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics, XIII, 25-26: 31-58.

Here are the links to the online version of the Journal and paper: 

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