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​Enhancing Translation for the Nation

Published on: 26-May-2017

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Aiming to enrich their learning, 30 students from the School of Humanities (SoH) in NTU travelled to Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in China for a six week immersion programme. The immersion is part of the curriculum of the Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MTI) offered by SoH.

Professor KK Luke, Chair of SoH and Dr Helena Gao, Director of MTI, as well as the students, represented the School at the opening ceremony of the programme. Held on 22 May 2017, the event was also graced by Ms Hu Xiaoli, CCP Secretary, as well as Professor Li Changshuan, Executive Dean, and Associate Professor Yao Bin, Deputy Dean, Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation in BFSU. 

The MTI  was established in 2016 and this year marked the second cohort of students who will attend 220 hours of lessons on the practical aspects of translation and interpretation at BFSU. The immersion programme will provide them with opportunities to advance their translating and interpreting skills and at the same time familiarise themselves with the social environment in China to strengthen their cultural awareness in the professional training. 

As part of his visit to BFSU, Professor Luke also delivered a talk entitled "Talking, Thinking and Doing things: A unified approach to the study of language and communication". Using Conversation Analysis as a distinctive research methodology and video recordings of naturally occurring interaction as data, he demonstrated how language, thought and action can all be studied within a unified framework through careful observation of the details of word choices, grammatical structures, prosody, tone of voice, gesture, eye gaze, body postures, and the totality of the communicative situation. Professor Luke's engaging presentation generated much discussion among the participants.  

About the Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation:

The Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MTI) is the first Master's degree programme in the field in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The MTI is specifically designed to provide students with high standard professional training in translation and interpretation between English and Chinese, to equip them with adequate knowledge of cutting-edge theories in related fields, and to give them an extended knowledge of the theory and practice in different social and cultural contexts. The MTI aims to prepare its graduates to take a leading role in providing high professional services in public and private sectors and in improving the overall proficiency of translation-related professions in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

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