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Kevin Goh

BA (Hons) in English
Class of 2011
Career: Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources, NTU

Heeding the Call

Having already spent over 4 years away from my alma mater, I received a call offering an opportunity to return to serve. The moment I stepped out of my car and back onto NTU soil, I knew I had to come home.

I am an Assistant Director of the Office of Human Resources in NTU, I manage the Employee Relations function and handle matters pertaining to staff grievances and disputes. I also assist in the University’s programmes relating to employee engagement where I help to ensure that employees remain motivated and productive. As part of my workload in NTU, I also enjoyed the opportunity to lead negotiations on behalf of the University in negotiations with the Union in matters relating to staff increments, bonuses and other agreements.

In a nutshell, I work in the people business, a difficult but most rewarding area. However, I have to say that my education in School of Humanities as well as my previous working experience as an Industrial Relations Officer in the NTUC had prepared me well for my role today.

As a student leader, I ensured that my schoolmates had fun events to look forward to and any issues they had raised would be promptly looked into. This had allowed me to understand the importance of looking after our stakeholders, a motivated student population is like a motivated staff population, they just perform better!

As a student in the English Division, small class sizes allowed us to always engage our Professors in dialogue and ensured that we always had to think on our feet when questions are thrown our way. Every negotiation I lead today harkens back to the moments curveball questions were thrown at me when I was caught dreaming! I did not realize this, but every lesson had served to help polish what I do today.

In my 4 years with the NTUC, I had the opportunity to work with multi-nationals, SMEs and even government bodies to look at ways on how to protect the interests of workers in Singapore. This experience allowed me to understand the difficulties of employees in differing sectors of our working population which helps my understanding of my stakeholders today.

Stepping back onto the NTU Campus, having coffee with my profs again, meeting School Of Humanities Staff whom I used to work with as a student leader, the greeting of sights familiar and new (like The Hive). NTU and School Of Humanities had given me so many opportunities to jump-start my career, from overseas student leadership exposure at global summits and conferences to running of large scale student events, each day was meaningful.

I urge my juniors to cherish and treasure their time in School Of Humanities and NTU! Time never waits for you!  


Er Yanbing
BA (Hons) in English
Class of 2011
Current: English Literature Ph.D graduate, University of Edinburgh

A Scholar Of Feminism

I graduated from NTU in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and went on to do a PhD in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh.

My experience as an undergraduate in the English department at NTU has had a profound impact on my personal and professional development. This is where I learnt how to read more curiously, and begin to write more thoughtfully. As an undergraduate, I remember being immersed in all these new ideas and perspectives, which was altogether overwhelming and exhilarating. I was also privileged to have studied under the inspiring lecturers in the department, who brought into class their enthusiasm and intellectual rigour for the subject that helped to nurture my deep appreciation of English literature. As a result of critically engaging with literary works, the ways in which I now think, read, and write, have irrevocably been shaped for the better.

Most clearly, the English department was my training ground for what I am currently doing as an academic. I remember distinctly that researching for and writing up the Final Year Project (FYP) was a very formative experience that demanded a completely different set of skills. It required of me a newfound tenacity to work through texts and concepts independently. It seems like a small task when I think about it now, but the materialisation of that thesis was not only the culmination of my academic journey at NTU; it also marked the beginning of another that I would soon embark on. The English department has most certainly helped to guide me in locating specific interests or passions to follow. It is where I first found my feet as a new researcher, and where I developed my confidence to enter the academic world.


Tan Yu Xin
BA (Hons) in Chinese
Class of 2010
Career: Correspondent, Lianhe Zaobao

A Creative Writer

I started writing during my younger days, but I did not delve too seriously into it. It was only after I won my first literature prize that I started to focus more on my writing. I wrote mostly poems during my NTU days and I tried writing some short stories after my Creative Writing classes. During that time, I was fascinated by the post-modernisation literary expressions. It was soon after that I wrote a short story with fragmented narrative strategy that was awarded the 2nd prize in the 11th Singapore Tertiary Chinese Literature Awards, and also the Lianhe Zaobao Gold Award.

I am really grateful for what I have learnt and picked up during my time in NTU. I remember very clearly, one of my lecturers, Associate Professor Quah Sy Ren who started the first lesson asking us ‘What is literature?’ That lesson opened my eyes and thoughts to the great ocean of literature. I have always found learning cultural and critical theories very cool. I learnt more about structuralism, new critics, post-modernisation and post-colonialism. I learnt how to view the world from different perspectives.

Through my philosophy and history classes, I obtained depth of knowledge, which has proven to be very useful in my career as a journalist. But as a Chinese saying goes, “when you do not learn enough, you only realize what is lacking when you need the knowledge.” I still think back on my NTU days and wished I had worked harder then.”


Rosxalynd Liu
BA (Hons) in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Class of 2015
Career: Associate Librarian, National Library Board

A Love For Books

“I like to read. I am a typical bookworm,” said Ms Rosxalynd Liu. Rosxalynd, a School of Humanities graduate who majored in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies (LMS), is an Associate Librarian with the National Library Board (NLB). Her primary role involves: planning and running the day-to-day programmes at a Regional Library; liaising with community partners on these programmes; and providing advisory services, in particular, to children.

Programmes which she has been working on include story-telling sessions for children, and workshops for parents that assist them to develop their children’s reading abilities. “The story-telling environment can be very dynamic and fulfilling since you are working with children,” she elaborated. “For instance, I get to draw and tell stories to spark the love of reading in children.” “However, not all is smooth sailing,” she said, smiling. “You get the odd case now and then when a child is unable to voice out that he/she needs to go to the toilet and you can guess what happens.”

However, she takes it all in her stride as she is following her passion. “Working in a library, you get to be surrounded by books,” she stated. “That is heaven for a bookworm.”