The Chinese Programme is one of the five Programmes within the School of Humanities which was established as part of NTU’s plan to become a comprehensive university. It is a flagship division in the field of humanities and conducts courses in Chinese. The Programme mission is to promote the study and appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. Committed to carry forward these traditions as well as to create new horizons, it acts locally to encompass the region and at the same time has a global vision to understand the contemporary world.

The rapid development of the Programme owes much to the strong support from the University, external institutions, and even common Singaporeans who have made generous contributions. This has made possible the establishment of endowment funds and awards which benefit Chinese major students. These include the Shanghai Book Co Scholarship & Bursary Fund, the Wan Boo Sow Award, the Wan Boo Sow Gold Medal cum Cash Award, the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal, and Lotus On Water Gold Medal and Book Prizes.​​​​​​​​