Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese

For Students Admitted between AY2011/12 - AY2013/14


To graduate, students must complete two categories of requirements, totaling at least 126 Academic Units (Aus):

  • Major Requirements (69AUs)

  • General Education Requirements (GER) (57AUs)

(a)Major Requirements (69AUs)

The requirements to earn a major in Chinese are:

  • Chinese Major Core (27 AUs)

  • Major Prescribed Electives (42 AUs)

Important Note:

For the 34 AUs (MPEs), students must take at least 2 courses at HC3XXX, and 4 courses at HC4XXX.

All students whose CGPA earned by the end of their sixth semester placed them in line for second class honours (upper) and first class honours will be required to complete the final year project (FYP). Those who opt out will be able to substitute this project with two additional senior-level HC4XXX courses.

(b)General Education Requirements (GER) (57 AUs)

GER Core

Take two courses from Category A, one course from Category B and three 1-AU courses from Category C.

  • Category A: Communications

  • Category B: Singapore Studies

  • Category C: Take three 1 AU courses in the following categories to be taught online:

    • Sustainability

    • Enterprise and Innovation

    • Ethics

  • Category D: Two career-related new modules (1 AU each course) offered by the Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success (MLCPS)
    • Absolute Basics for Career
    • Career Power Up
GER Prescribed Electives
Choose five courses from three categories of studies with at least one course in each category:
  • Science and Technology (3 AUs)

  • Business and Management (3 AUs)

  • Liberal Arts (3 AUs)

GER – Unrestricted Electives (30AUs):

Students may fulfill the remaining 30 AUs from any school. They may make use of unrestricted electives to fulfill the requirements for a second Major, one or two Minor(s), or to read more courses in Chinese.

2.Duration of study

The curriculum is designed as a four-year course. Well-prepared students can complete the degree in a shorter period by taking more courses during the semester and/or attending special sessions.

3.Admission requirements

Students majoring in Chinese will be admitted directly to the B.A. in Chinese programme. In addition to the general admission requirements set by NTU, students need at least: (1) a good pass in GCE ‘O’ level Chinese or Higher Chinese, or (2) a pass in GCE ‘A’ level H1 Chinese or H2 Chinese, or (3) an equivalent.​​​​​​​​​​​​​