Current Courses Offered

Course Code and Title ​Lecturer
BA Year 4 & Year 3 Chinese​​
HC3014 Cultural Study of Chinese Cinemas Hee Wai Siam
HC4014 Special Topics in Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies Ting Chun Chun
HC4015 Special Topics in Classical Chinese Literature Soon Ai Ling
HC4016 Comparative Literature Studies: Theory and Practice Zhang Songjian
HC4020 Literary Criticism and Critical Theories Ting Chun Chun
HC3040 China's Reform and Economic Development Lu Hu
HC4031 Interculturalism in Chinese History Chang Chuan Yuan
HC4040 Cross-Taiwan Straits Relations Lee Chih Horng
HC3051 Sociolinguistics Helena Gao
HC4051 Text, Rhetoric and Style Lim Buan Chay
HC4055 Chinese Language Acquisition Helena Gao
HC4063 A Study of Sinophone Culture in Singapore and Malaysia Hee Wai Siam
HC4064 History and Issues: Transcultural Chinese Theatre in Singapore Quah Sy Ren
BA Year 2 Chinese
HC2004 Directed Reading of Literature of Yuan, Ming and Qing
I Lo-fen
HC3003 Southeast Asian Chinese
Ong Soon Keong
HC2010 Classical Chinese Fiction 
Qu Jingyi
HC2015 Coming of Age in Modern China
Ting Chun Chun
HC3011 Studies of Selected Poets
Yan Shoucheng
HC2032 Division & Integration: Fr Chunqiu to Wudai
Fang Xiaoping
HC2030 Pre-Qin Thought
Chang Chuan Yuan
​HC2040 Understanding China ​Lu Hu
​HC1050 The Science of Chinese Characters ​Lim Buan Chay
​HC2053 Varieties of Chinese ​Lin Jingxia
​HC2060 Chinese Education in Southeast Asia ​Hue Guan Thye
BA Year 1 Chinese
HC1001 Intro to the Study of Lit. and Culture
Quah Sy Ren
HC1002 Intro to Chinese Language
Lim Ni Eng
HC2001 Directed reading of literary works: Pre-Qin, Han, Wei and Jin
Qu Jingyi
HC2005 General History of China 
Fang Xiaoping
HC8005 Dir. Readings of Modern Chinese Song Lyrics
Liang Wern Fook
​HC0201 Chinese Literature in Singapore Zhang Songjian
​Minor in Translation
HT9101 Translation: History, Theories and Principles Uganda Kwan Sze Pui
HT9102 Language Foundation for Translation Wang Shengyu
HT9201 Translation: Techniques & Practice Wang Shengyu
​HT9302 Literary translation into Chinese Context Uganda Kwan Sze Pui
HT9401 Translation: Appreciation, Criticism and Evaluation
Nan Zhiguo
​Minor in Creative Writing
HF9101 Introduction to Creative Writing Wong Koi Tet
HF9201 Creative Writing: Prose ​Soon Ai Ling
​HF9601 Creative Writing: Chinese Crossmedia Writing ​Wong Koi Tet
HF9801 Creative Writing: Advanced Chinese Fiction

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