Minor in Chinese

Minor Requirements

Effective from July 2005, to satisfy the requirements for a Minor in Chinese, ALL students must complete at least 5 courses that cover both required and elective courses.

The students enrolling from July 2005 must take the following courses as the requirements:

  • Required Course: Either HC1001 or HC1002 (choose one course)*

  • Elective Courses: 4 other courses from either the Chinese Core or the Prescribed Electives (NOT including any courses listed under Minor in Translation , Minor in Chinese Creative Writing and GER courses)

* HC1001 and HC1002 are the Required Courses to earn a Minor in Chinese. Students need to only choose ONE from these 2 courses. If both courses are chosen, the additional one course will not be counted as one of the 4 courses under the Elective Courses.

Students need to obtain at least PASS and above in all of the courses to be awarded the Minor.​​​​​​​​​​​