Minor in Chinese Creative Writing

Offered from AY2014/15, the Minor in Chinese Creative Writing aims to nurture students with an interest in writing in Chinese, providing them with opportunities to study various literary forms and writing techniques. The courses offered will cover areas in fiction, prose, poetry, playwriting, media writing and cross-media writing, etc.

This Minor is open to all NTU students. To pursue the Minor in Chinese Creative Writing, students will have to read at least 5 courses, totalling at least 15 AUs in courses (including ONE compulsory course and any FOUR elective courses), taken as Unrestricted Electives (UE).

The School also partners the National Arts Council to run a Chinese creative writing residencies programme. Critically acclaimed writers, both local and international, work on a literary project of their own and teach creative writing courses in NTU.

Compulsory course

HF9101 Introduction to Chinese Creative Writing

This course aims to broaden your knowledge of various genres in literature and techniques of creative writing, which includes fiction, prose and poetry, etc. You are required to produce writings of various themes and emphasis will be placed on the originality and creativity of the writer’s craft. Through reading and reviewing works by established writers and collaborative critical response, you will collectively explore the creative writing processes and develop your individual styles.

Elective Courses
(Students to take AT LEAST FOUR courses from the following)

HF9201 Creative Writing: Prose

This course introduces various types of prose, including lyrical prose, diary, short essay, autobiography and travel writing, etc. You will gain the ability to appreciate the styles and techniques found in prose classics. You will learn the writing skills of prose classics to stimulate your own self-expression, and finally compose original prose.

HF9301 Creative Writing: Chinese Fiction

Firstly, this course introduces fictional forms, including, the novel, novella, short story, and flash fiction. Various genres of fiction will be discussed in this course, for example coming-of-age fiction, “native soil” fiction, science fiction, martial arts fiction, and postmodern fiction. You will gain the ability to appreciate the styles and techniques found in fiction classics. You will practice the writing styles found in fiction classics in order to stimulate your own fictional self-expression. The objective of this course is to guide you in the creative writing of fiction.

HF9401 Creative Writing: Chinese Poetry

This course is designed to illustrate the themes and techniques behind modern Chinese poetry and to enable students to produce poetry that sparks imagination and empathy. Various schools and forms of Chinese poetry, including lyrical poetry, visual poetry, concrete poetry and misty poetry etc. will be introduced to aspire creativity. Through the discussion and review of their writing assignments, you will have an in-depth understanding of the poetic composition of the genre. You will then learn to transform your personal experiences and ideas into free verses that are true to the spirits of modernity.

HF9501 Creative Writing: Chinese Playwriting

This course combines the concepts and practice of theatre and performance. Firstly, structures and forms advocated by traditional Western theories of drama, such as the “three unities” and the “fourth wall” will be revisited. Then, the course will move on to the theatricality and suppositionality valued by Chinese and modern theatrical theory. This will provide you with a complete overview of basic dramatic concepts from both China and the West, acting as a theoretical resource for students to draw on when interpreting and writing plays. Various forms of playwritings are also discussed, such as one-act plays, plays dealing with social issues, the theatre of the absurd, black box theatre, and avant-garde theatre. This course places special emphasis on the practice of playwriting and performance. You will be required to write scenes and short plays.

HF9601 Creative Writing: Chinese Crossmedia Writing

The arrival of the digital era transformed traditional ideas and conceptions of writing. We are now living in a highly integrated world and this course will provide a bridge between different media where students can create works that are without boundaries. Writing structures and requirements of various media platforms and industries, such as broadcast, gaming, advertising, online-media and film-making etc. will be introduced and analyzed. Often with the emphasis of digital and visual elements, you will learn to collaborate, present and adapt your writings into these respective forms thus appealing a wider audience beyond the print-media.

HF9701 Advanced Creative Writing: Chinese Prose

This course focuses on intensive practice of Chinese prose. You are required to have hands-on practice in writing various styles of prose. The objective of this course is to guide you into producing Chinese prose which possess creativity and to encourage you to publish your works.

HF9801 Advanced Creative Writing: Chinese Fiction

This course places special emphasis on intensive practice of Chinese fiction. You are required to have hands-on practice in writing various genres of fiction. The objective of this course is to guide you into producing Chinese fiction which possess creativity and to encourage you to publish your works. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

HF9901 Chinese Media Writing

This course teaches the techniques of writing news and reportage in Chinese. It focuses on guiding you to use Chinese to engage in richly factual, professional, and creative media writing of various forms. These include interview writing, news features, precision news writing, investigative reporting, radio and TV news writing, and Internet news writing. This course will incorporate various current affairs in discussions to enhance your sensitivity to wordings found in all types of news and reportage in the Chinese context. As a result of this course, you will learn to complete news reports written in precise and succinct language to a deadline in class.​