Chinese Language Courses



Chinese Language Level 3
​Pre-requisite ​Academic Units Tutorials​
LC9002 or Placement Test ​3 48 hours

Learning Ojective

This course is a continuation of LC9002. It aims to improve and enhance integrated skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, with an emphasis on developing communicative skills in order to carry out conversations on a range of topics related to daily life. The course will also enable students to acquire skills to read and write Chinese characters, and write short essays in Chinese. To facilitate the study of the language, different aspects of Chinese culture and society will be introduced through audiovisual materials and group activities.


The following content will be covered:

  1. Master sounds of Pinyin, proper pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns
  2. Convention of character construction;
  3. Pattern of words formation;
  4. Verbal aspects and six basic syntactic components of a sentence;
  5. Topics and themes:
    o   Festivals; birthdays and celebrations
    o   Location and position
    o   Hobbies and sports
    o   Weathers and seasons
    o   Travel and transportation
    o   Health and medicine
    o   Housing
    o   Future plans

Learning Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • be able to carry out Putonghua conversations fluently in a variety of situations and topics and engage in more detailed conversations on specific topics;
  • be able to write 250 new Chinese characters and understand around 500 new words;
  • be able to read and write simple passages and communicate with others in writing on specific topics;
  • develop further understanding of Chinese culture and society, such as Chinese food, festivals and traditional art.