Programme Structure

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AY2019 Intake onwards​

BA (Hons) in English (AY2013 Intake)


TABLE A: Core (29 AU)​ ​ ​
​Course Code & Title ​ ​AUs
​HL1001   Introduction to the Study of Literature 3​ ​
​HL1002   Survey of English Literature I 3​ ​
​HL1003   Survey of English Literature II 3​ ​
​HL1005   Singapore Literature & Culture I ​3
​HL1007   Classical Literature ​3
​HL2024 ​  Approaches to Literature ​3
​HL2038   Introduction to American Literature ​3
​HL4099   Graduation Essay (FYP)* 8
TABLE B: Major Prescribed Electives (40 AUs)

Ch​oose at least FOUR from Category A (including at least one of the following: HL2001, HL2002, HL2003, HL2004). Choose ONE each from Categories B to F and the remaining 3 from any category.

(At least FOUR courses must be of HL4xxx.)

Category A: Period Studies​ ​
HL2001   ​Medieval Literature ​3
​HL2002   Renaissance Literature ​3
​HL2003   Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature ​3
​HL2004   Sensibility and Romanticism ​3
​HL2005   Victorian Literature ​3
​HL2006   Modernism ​3
​HL2007   Contemporary Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2027   Early American Literature ​3
​HL2028   Nineteen-Century American Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2029   American Modernism ​3
​HL2030   Post 1945 American Literature and Culture ​3
​Category B: Asian Literature and Culture ​
HL2008   Singapore Literature and Culture II ​3
​HL2009   Southeast Asian Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2010   East Asian Literature ​3
​HL2011   Representations of Asia ​3
​HL2012   Asian-American Literature ​3
​HL2041   Asian Historical Fiction ​3
​HL4032   Urban Culture Asia ​4
​HL4034   British Asian Literature ​4
​Category C: Film & Theatre ​
HL2026   Reading Drama ​3
​HL2037   History of Film ​3
​HL3001   Film Theory ​3
​HL3002   Film, Politics and Ethics ​3
​HL3003   Film & Literature ​3
​HL3004   World Cinema ​3
​​HL3006   Modern Drama​ ​3
HL4042   Being Human in Film and Literature ​4
​Category D: World Literature ​
HL2022   South Asian Literature ​3
​HL2032   African Literature ​3
​HL3007   Postcolonial Literature ​3
​HL3008   Postcolonial Women's Writing ​3
​HL3010   European Literature ​3
​HL3014   Latin American Literature ​3
​HL3020   Ethnic American Liteature ​3
​HL3034   Irish Literature ​3
​HL3042   Gothic Literature​ ​3
​HL4030   Scottish Literature 4
​HL4031   Comparative Literature ​4
​HL4038   Advanced Studies in Postcolonial Literature 4
​Category E: Literary and Cultural Theory ​
HL3016   Gender and Sexuality Studies ​3
​HL3033   The World of Musicals and Intercultural Theatre ​3
​HL3040   Gender and Diversity ​3
​HL4005   Literary Criticism ​4
​HL4006   Reading Texts: Advanced Critical Theory ​4
​HL4008   Postcolonial Studies ​4
​HL4009   Popular Literature and Culture ​4
​HL4010   Feminist Studies ​4
​HL4035   Practicing Theory: Literature and Meaning ​4
​Category F: Specific Interest subjects ​
​HI3001    1984:Past, Present, Prophecy​
HL2015   War in Literature and Film ​3
​HL2016   Literature and Madness ​3
​HL2017   Directed Study ​3
​HL2018   Fantasy Fictions ​3
​HL2020   Creative Writing Workshop ​3
​HL2021   Literature of Empire ​3
​HL2025   Readings in Poetry ​3
​HL2036   Virgins and Vixens ​3
​HL2039   Theatre Workshop ​3
​HL2040   Adapting the Classics ​3
​HL3011   Science Fiction: Origins to Parody ​3
​HL3012   The Discourse of Love ​3
​HL3013   Postmodernism ​3
​HL3017   The Rise of the Novel ​3
​HL3023   Literature and the Arts ​3
​HL3024   Contemporary Women's Writing ​3
​HL3029   Imagining King Arthur ​3
​HL3030   Major Author Study: Shakespeare ​3
​HL3035   Magical Realism ​3
​HL3039   Major Author Study: Samuel Beckett ​3
​HL3090   Special Topic in Literature II​ ​3
​HL4002   Major Author Study: Chaucer 4
​HL4011   Modern Poetry 4
HL4012   Advanced Studies in Drama 4
​HL4013   Advanced Study in Literature & Culture 4
​HL4014   Advanced Studies in Film 4
​HL4015   Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature 4
HL4016   Advanced Studies in Renaissance Literature 4
​HL4017   Advanced Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature 4
HL4018   Advanced Studies in Romanticism 4
​HL4019   Advanced Studies in Victorian Literature 4
​HL4020   Advanced Studies in Modernist Literature 4
​HL4023   Advanced Studies in American Literature 4
​HL4028   Science and Literature 4
​HL4033   Major Author Study: James Joyce 4
​HL4036   Literature and Medicine 4
​HL4037   Writing the Self ​4
​HL4039   Advanced Studies in Children's Literature​ ​4
​HL4041   Studies in Art Criticism and Culture​ ​4
​HL4090   Special Topic in Literature III ​4


General Education Requirements (GER)


Category ​Course Code and Title ​AU
​Communication Skills ​(Year 1) ​HW0103 Introduction to Critical Writing ​3
​HW0223 Essay Writing: Crafting an Argument ​3
​Singapore Studies (Year 2) ​Please check semester's course offerings under this sub category ​3

Environmental Sustainability
(Year 3)

​Please check semester's course offerings under this sub category ​3


GER Prescribed Electives (15 AUs)
Students to choose 5 courses from 4 categories of studies with at least 1 course from each category.
  • Science, Technology and Society (STS)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS)
  • Business and Management (BM)
  • Liberal Studies (LS)
    GER - Unrestricted Electives (UEs) (30 AUs)
    There are no restrictions on the selection of courses to make up unrestricted electives. Students can choose any of the following:
    • Complete a Minor in another discipline.
    • Earn AUs under an International Exchange programme.
    • Earn AUs under the optional Professional Attachment programme offered under HSS.
    • Any course offered by any School as long as the pre-requisites are satisfied

Requirements for Graduation

Core ​29 AUs
Major Prescribed Electives ​40 AUs
​GER Core ​12 AUs
GER Prescribed Electives ​15 AUs
Unrestricted Electives ​30 AUs
​Total 126 AUs

*HL4099 - Graduation Essay (FYP)

The Opt-In FYP system will apply to HSS students admitted in 2013 and after. For History, it will be for students admitted in 2012 and after. Students should be of Year 4 standing before they can start on the FYP. It is compulsory for students with GPA of 3.90 and above to complete FYP. Those within the holding band of 3.75 to 3.89 will be allowed to opt-in to do FYP and for those below the required GPA will not be allowed to complete FYP but can read two 4000-level courses instead to fulfill the 8AUs requirement. To obtain a 1st or 2nd class upper honours degree, however, students must read and complete their graduation projects.