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BA (Hons) in English (AY2018 Intake onwards)

Requirements for Graduation 

Course Type
​Major Prescribed Electives 48
GER Core 14​ ​
​GER Prescribed Electives 12
Unrestricted Electives ​30
​Total ​125​
*You will see 48 AUs reflected in your Major Prescribed Electives basket. The additional 8 AUs is meant for the TWO (2) HL4000 level courses should you not be eligible for FYP. 

 If you are eligible to do FYP, the 8 AUs will be reclassified as Core.​


TABLE A: Core (29 AU​)​ ​ ​
​Course Code & Title ​ ​AUs
​HL1001   Introduction to the Study of Literature 3​ ​
​HL1002   Survey of English Literature I 3​ ​
​HL1003   Survey of English Literature II 3​ ​
​HL1005   ​Introduction to Singapore Literature ​3
​​HL1006   Introduction to American Literature ​3
​​HL1007   Classical Literature ​3
​​HL2024 ​  Approaches to Literature ​3
​*HL4099   Final Year Project (FYP) ​8
​TABLE B: Major Prescribed Electives (40 AUs)

Ch​oose at least THREE from Category A (including at least one of the following: HL2001, HL2002, HL2003, HL2004). Choose ONE each from Categories B to F and the remaining 4 from any category.

(At least FOUR courses must be of HL4xxx.)

Category A: Period Studies​ ​
HL2001   ​Medieval Literature ​3
​HL2002   Renaissance Literature ​3
​HL2003   Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature ​3
​HL2004   Sensibility and Romanticism ​3
​HL2005   Victorian Literature ​3
​HL2006   Modernism ​3
​HL2007   Contemporary Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2027   Early American Literature ​3
​HL2028   Nineteen-Century American Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2029   American Modernism ​3
​HL2030   Post 1945 American Literature and Culture ​3
​HL4015   Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature ​4
​HL4016   Advanced Studies in Renaissance Literature ​4
​HL4017   Advanced Studies in Restoration and Eighteen-Century Literature 4
​HL4018   Advanced Studies in Romantism ​4
​HL4019   Advanced Studies in Victorian Literature ​4
​HL4020   Advanced Studies in Modernist Literature ​4
​HL4023   Advanced Studies in American Literature​ ​​4
​HL4024   Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature ​4
​Category B: Asian Literature And Culture ​
​HL2008   Singapore Literature and Culture  ​3
​HL2009   Southeast Asian Literature and Culture ​3
​HL2012   Asian-American Literature ​3
​HL2041   Asian Historical Fiction ​3
​HL4034   British Asian Literature ​4
​Category C: Film & Theatre ​
​HL2026   Reading Drama ​3
​HL3001   Film Theory ​3
​HL3002   Film, Politics and Ethics ​3
​HL3003   Film & Literature ​3
​HL3004   World Cinema ​3
​HL3006   Modern Drama ​3
​HL3038    Theatre of the Absurd ​3
​​HL4012   Advanced Studies in Drama​ 4​
​HL4014   Advanced Studies in Film​​
HL4042   Being Human in Film and Literature ​4
​Category D: World Literature ​
​HL2022   South Asian Literature ​3
​HL2032   African Literature ​3
​HL2033   Irish Writing:Romanticism to Modernism​ ​3
​HL3007   Postcolonial Literature ​3
​HL3008   Postcolonial Women's Writing ​3
​HL3010   European Literature ​3
​HL3014   Latin American Literature ​3
​HL3034   Irish Writing: Modernism to the Contemporary ​3
​HL3041   Global Cities in World Literature ​3
​HL3042   Gothic Literature 3​
​HL4030   Scottish Literature ​4
​HL4031   Comparative Literature ​4
​HL4038   Advanced Studies in Postcolonial Literature ​4
​Category E: Literary And Cultural Theory ​
​HL3016   Gender and Sexuality Studies ​3
​HL3033   The World of Musicals and Intercultural Theatre ​3
​HL3037   Approaches to the Environmental Humanities​ ​3
​HL3040   Gender and Diversity 3​
​HL4005   Literary Criticism ​4
​HL4008   Postcolonial Studies ​4
​HL4009   Popular Literature and Culture ​4
​HL4010   Feminist Studies ​4
​HL4035   Practicing Theory: Literature and Meaning ​4
​Category F: Specific Interest Subjects ​
​HI3001    1984: Past, Present, Prophecy ​3
HI3002     Opera and Literature ​3
​HL2015   War in Literature and Film ​3
​HL2020   Creative Writing Workshop ​3
​HL2021   Literature of Empire ​3
​HL2036   Virgins and Vixens ​3
​HL2040   Adapting Greek Mythology​ ​3​
​HL2042   Children's Literature 3​
​HL2043   Fantasy Literature  ​3​
​HL2090   Special Topic in Literature I ​3
​HL3011   Science Fiction: Origins to Parody ​3
​HL3012   The Discourse of Love ​​3
​HL3017   The Rise of the Novel ​​3
​HL3024   Contemporary Women's Writing ​3
​HL3030   Major Author Study: Shakespeare ​3
​HL3036   The History of the Book 3​
​HL3039   Major Author Study: Samuel Beckett ​​3
​HL3090   Special Topic in Literature II ​3
​HL4002   Major Author Study: Chaucer 4
​HL4013   Advanced Studies in Literature & Culture 4
​HL4028   Science and Literature 4
​HL4033   Major Author Study: James Joyce 4
​HL4036   Literature and Medicine 4
​HL4037   Writing the Self ​4
​HL4039   Advanced Studies in Children's Literature ​​4
​HL4040   Literature and Arts 4​
​HL4041   Studies in Art Criticism ad Culture ​​4
​HL4043   Postmodernism ​4
​​HL4090  Special Topic in Literature III ​4

*HL4099 - Graduation Essay (FYP)

For more information on FYP, please click here​.

General Education Requirements (GER)

GER-Core (14 AUs)

​Category ​Course Code And Title ​AU​
​Communication Skills ​

1. ​HW0105 Academics Communications in the Arts, Humanities and      Social Sciences 

    To be taken in Year 1​ S1

2. HW0205 Academics Communication in the Humanities

    To be taken in Year 1 S2



​Digital Literacy

1. HD0102 Making Sense of Big Data

   Taken in Year 2 S1​ 

2. HD0101 Digital Society 

   Taken in Year 2 S2​ ​




(online courses that will be offered in Semester 2 of every academic year) ​ ​

​**GC0001 Environmental Sustainability

To be taken in Year 1


​**HY0001 Ethics & Moral Reasoning

To be taken in Year 2


**ET0001 ​Enterprise & Innovation ​

To be taken in Year 3

​Margaret Lien Centre for Professional success (MLCPS) ​



To be taken in Year 3​


 * Online courses that will be offered in Semester 1 of every academic year.   
 ** Online courses that will be offered in Semester 2 of every academic year.  

4 GER Prescribed Electives (12 AUs)
Choose 1 course each (6AUs) from BM & LA category 

  • Business & Management (BM) (3 AUs)
  • Liberal Arts (LA) (3 AUs)

    Choose 2 courses (6AUs) from ANY of the categories (STS, BM, LA)

  • ​​(1) Science, Technology and Society (STS), (2) Business & Management (BM), (3) Liberal Arts (LA) 
    GER - Unrestricted Electives (UEs) (30 AUs)
    There are no restrictions on the selection of courses to make up unrestricted electives. Students can choose any of the following:
    • Complete a Minor in another discipline.
    • Earn AUs under an International Exchange programme.
    • Earn AUs under the optional Professional Attachment programme offered under HSS.
    • Any course offered by any School as long as the pre-requisites are satisfied