Current Course Offerings

Semester 2, AY2020/2021


S/N​ Course Code  Course Title                                         ​Teaching Modes ​Coordinat​​or
​1 ​HI3001 ​1984: Past, Present, Prophecy                                                                                             ​On Campus  ​Kevin Riordan & Scott Anthony 
​2 HL0201 ​​Image​s of Singapore: Literature, Film & Culture ​
​​Online ​ Balete Candice 
​3 HL8001​ Madness in Litera​ture and Film  ​Online  ​Ho Jia Xuan 
​4 HL8025 Utopian & Dystopian Film and Literature ​ Online  Ho Jia Xuan
​5 HL1003 Survey of English Literature II ​ ​​​Lecture (Online)              T1 to T3 (Online)
T4 to T9 (On Campus)
Graham Matthews
​6 HL1005 Introduction to Singapore Literature​ ​​​​​​​​​Lecture (Online)              Tutorials (On Campus) Cheryl Julia
7 HL1006 Introduction to American Literature ​​​​​Lecture (Online)            Tutorials (On Campus) Christopher Trigg
​8 HL2005 Victorian Literature ​​Online  ​​Tamara Wagner
9 HL2006 Modernism ​​On Campus  Richard Barlow
10 ​HL2007 ​Contemporary Literature & Culture ​ On Campus  ​​​​​Neil Murphy
​11 HL2015 War in Literature and Film ​On Campus  Michelle Wang
​12 HL2021 Literature of Empire ​​On Campus  Bede Scott
​13 HL2028 Nineteenth-Century American Literature & Culture​ ​On Campus 
(Updated venue: LHS-TR+39) 
Christopher Trigg
​14 HL2029 American Modernism ​​On Campus  Kevin Riordan
​15 HL2032 African Literature​ ​​​​​​​​​​On Campus  Bede Scott
​16 HL2040 Adapting Greek Mythology  On Campus  Jane Wong
​17 HL3003 Film & ​Literature ​​​​​​​​Online  Tamara Wagner
​18 HL3007 Postcolonial Literature 

​​On Campus 

(Updated venue: LHS-TR+41) 



Sim Wai Chew
​19 HL3010 European Literature​ ​​On Campus  Cheryl Julia
20 HL3012 The Discourse of Love On Campus  Yong Wern Mei
​21 HL3016 Gender & Sexuality Studies​ On Campus  Katharine Wright
​22 HL3024 Contemporary Women's Writing​ ​​​On Campus  Yong Wern Mei
​23 HL3030 Major Author Study: Shakespeare On Campus  Jane Wong
​24 ​HL3036
The History of the Book ​​On Campus  Katherine Hindley
25 HL3039 Major Author Study: Samuel Beckett On Campus  Michelle Chiang
​26 HL4009 Popular Literature and Culture​ On Campus  C.J. Wee Wan-ling
​27 HL4012 Advanced Studies in Drama  On Campus  Kevin Riordan 
28 HL4015 Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature  On Campus  Katherine Hindley 
​29 HL4018 Advanced Studies in Romanticism ​ ​​On Campus  Katherine Mulroney 
30​ ​HL4028 Science and Literature ​On Campus 
​Daniel Jernigan 
​31 HL4030​ Scottish Literature ​ ​On Campus  ​Richard Barlow 
​32 HL4034​ British Asian Literature  On Campus 
​Sim Wai Chew
33 HL4039​ ​Advanced Studies in Children's Literature ​ ​On Campus  ​Katherine Mulroney 
​34 HL4042​ Being Human in Film & Literature ​ ​On Campus  ​Michelle Chiang 
​35 HL4043​ ​Postmodernism  ​On Campus  ​Michelle Wang 
​36 HQ8010 ​Introduction to Gender & Diversity ​​ ​Online  ​Katharine Wright 
​37 ​HZ9101 ​Introduction to Creative Writing  ​On Campus  ​S1 - Desmond Kon 
S2 - Yong Shu Hoong 
S3 - Desmond Kon
S4 - Yam Qilin Daryl 
S5 - Desmond Kon
​38 HZ9201 Creative Writing: Poetry  ​On Campus  Boey Kim Cheng 
​39 HZ9202 Creative Writing: Fiction  On Campus 
Barrie Sherwood 
​40 HZ9203​ Creative Writing: Non Fiction Prose ​ ​On Campus  ​Barrie Sherwood 
​41 HZ9205 Creative Writing: Screenwriting ​ ​On Campus  ​Tejas Ewing 
​42 ​HZ9301 Advanced Creative Writing  On Campus ​
Boey Kim Cheng 

*HL4099 - Graduation Essay (FYP)

For more information on FYP, please click here​.