​SCHEDULE (SEMESTER 1, AY2020-21)

10 September 2020, Thursday
A Fleeting Alignment of Interests: Manila's role in *Konfrontasi* and opposition to the Federation of Malaysia, 1962-65 
​Speaker: Dr Joseph Scalice (NTU)​ 
Mode: Hybrid (physical/virtual)

           [Venue: SHHK Conference Room (SHHK-05-57)]              [Virtual: Zoom session] 

Time: 4.30pm


24 September 2020, Thursday​

Panel on Colonial Legal Regimes in Southeast Asia

Speakers: Nurfadzilah Yahaya (NUS)
                Nienke Boer (Yale-NUS)
                Seng Guo Quan (NUS)  

Mode: Virtual (Zoom session)

Time: 4.30pm​
15 October 2020, Thursday ​
Empire's Fuzzy Borders: Kashmir and Sarawak as “Grey Zones” in the Colonial Imaginary (on Zoom)
Speakers: Farish Noor and Natallia Khanijo (NTU)

Mode: Virtual (Zoom session)​

Time: 4.30pm​
5 November 2020, Thursday 
Book Talk: ’’Realy I have bin a tru Slave to the plantation’’: Reckoning with the Women Who Propagated Jamaica’s Plantation Slavery Regime
Speaker: Christine Walker (Yale-NUS)

Venue: SHHK Conference Room (SHHK-05-57)

Mode: Physical session
Time: 4.30pm​