History Seminar Series

Semester 1, AY2018-19





   16 Aug

FYP Archive Day




  • Venue: LT at the Hive (LHS-01-04)


    30 Aug

Huang Jianli, NUS

 “Behind the K Shanmugam-PJ Thum Encounter: Three Issues Relating to History Writings on Singapore”


Seng Guoquan, NUS

“Whither after the Cold War?: Narratives of the anti-colonial past and the politics of history writing in Singapore's present.”



  • Venue: LT at the Hive (LHS-01-04)







    6 Sep

Geoffrey Pakiam, SOAS

“Why Don't Some Cuisines Travel? Palm Oil Foodways in the Malay Peninsula, 1920-2009”



  • Venue: LHS-TR+24



    27 Sep

Jun Pow, Singapore University of Technology and Design


“Sex, Sound and Surveillance: The Queer Uses of Telephony”



  • Venue: HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)






    11 Oct

Angelika Messner, Kiel University


Joint meeting with Medical Humanities Cluster

“Emotions in Medical History: Why and how they matter”


  • Venue: HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)


    25 Oct


Richard Bell

*** Time Change:  5.00-6.30pm***

Joint Meeting with English Department

                                   "The Lost Boys: Kidnapping and Slavery on America's Reverse Undeground  


Venue: HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)