History Major

Curriculum Structure​

To graduate, students must complete 2 categories of requirements, totalling 126 AUs. The 2 categories are as follows:
A.  Major Requirements (69 AUs)
B.  General Education Requirements (GER) (57 AUs) 
​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​Curriculum Structure
      AY2017-18 Intake onwards

​​​ ​​​ ​A. Major Requirements ​​ ​B. ​General Education Requirement (GER) Total (AUs)
​Core Prescribed
​FYP or Two
level courses
Core Prescribed
​15 ​46 ​8 ​12 ​15 ​30 ​126
Major Requirements (69 AUs)
The requirements for a History major consist of 3 components:

A1. History Core Courses (15 AUs)
A2. History Prescribed Electives (46 AUs)
A3. Graduation Project (FYP) or 2 HH4000 level courses (8AUs)
       (The two HH4000 level courses are for those who are not eligible to do FYP.)

A1. History Core (Compulsory) Courses

The 5 core courses (15 AUs) are compulsory courses which students must complete. Each course (unless otherwise stated) is equivalent to 3 AUs.

A2. History Prescribed Electives Courses

Students must complete 14 prescribed electives:

(i) At least 10 at HH1000, HH2000 and HH3000 levels and at least 4 at HH4000 level and;
(ii) Choose at least 1 course from each of the following 3 categories. 

Global Asia


Interdisciplinary History


World History

A3. Graduation Project (FYP) or 2 HH4000 level courses (8 AUs)

The two HH4000 level courses are for those who are not eligible to do FYP.

B. General Education Requirement (GER) (57 AUs)

​​ ​Course Type AU​
​GER-Core 12​
​​​​GER-PE ​Science, Technology and Society (STS) ​3
​Business and Management (BM) ​3
​Liberal Arts (LA) ​3
​GER-PE in Any Category (STS, BM or LA) ​3
​GER-PE in Any Category (STS, BM or LA) ​3
​GER-UE​ ​
Total AU 57

The General Education Requirements (GER) courses consists of 3 components:
B1. GER-Core (12 AUs)
a.  Communication Skills 
b.  Career-related
c.  Singapore Studies*
d.  Other online courses 
B2. GER-Prescribed Electives (15 AUs)
B3. GER-Unrestricted Electives (30 AUs) 

B1a.  2 courses from GER-Core Communication Skills (2 AUs each):

  • ​HW0105 Academic Communication in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (to be read in year 1, semester 1)
  • HW0205 Academic Communication in the Humanities (to be read in year 1, semester 2)
B1b.  2 courses from GER-Core Career-related (1 AU each):

  • ​ML0001 Absolute Basics for Career (online course to be read in year 2) 
  • ML0002 Career Power Up (online course to be read in year 3)
B1c.  1 course from GER-Core Singapore Studies* (to be read in year 2) (3 AUs each):
  • ​HA0201 Government and Politics of Singapore
  • HC0201 Chinese Literature in Singapore
  • HE0201 The Singapore Economy
  • HG0201 Singapore's Languages
  • HH0201 Singapore and the Modern World (not for History major students)
  • HL0201 Images of Singapore: Literature, Film and Culture
  • HP0201 Employment Relations for Work and Careers in Singapore
  • HS0201 Understanding Singapore Society

*The list of Singapore Studies courses offered for each semester may change from time-to-time. 

B1d.  Fulfil the following GER-Core Other online courses in sequence and in every semester 2 (1 AU each):
  • ​GC0001 Environmental Sustainability (to be read in year 1, semester 2) 
  • HY0001 Ethics & Moral Reasoning (to be read in year 2, semester 2) 
  • ET0001 Enterprise & Innovation (to be read in year 3, semester 2) 
B2.  5 courses from a list of GER–Prescribed Electives in the following categories with at least 1 course from each category (15 AUs total):

  • ​Business and Management (BM)
  • Science, Technology, and Society (STS)
  • Liberal Arts (LA)
B3. Courses categorised under GER-Unrestricted Electives that are offered by any School (30 AUs total).

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