Graduation Project

The HH4099 Graduation Project (FYP) (8 AUs) trains students in independent research. Guided by their supervisors, students identify their topics, formulate research questions, engage in archival and secondary source research, and present their findings and arguments in research papers.
It is compulsory for students with GPA of 3.90 and above to complete FYP. Those within the holding band of 3.75 to 3.89 will be allowed to opt-in to do FYP at the discretion of the department and for those below the required GPA will not be allowed to complete FYP but can read two 4000-level courses instead to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement. In short, students who are not eligible to do FYP must complete a total of SIX(6) 4000 level courses.
To obtain an Honours (Highest Distinction) or Honours (Distinction) degree, however, students must read and complete their graduation projects.
FYP is to be read for two consecutive semesters in NTU (locally). Students who are planning to go for exchange are not allowed to register for FYP.
Students taking FYP may download the following documents:
AY2020-21, Semester 1 application 
AY2019-20, Semester 2 application

NTU HISTORY - FYP Application Form  (start Semester 2, AY2019-2020).docxNTU HISTORY - FYP Application Form (start Semester 2, AY2019-2020).docx

Timeline for FYP Students (start Semester 2, AY2019-2020).pdfTimeline for FYP Students (start Semester 2, AY2019-2020).pdf