Minor in History


The Minor in History provides students with the tools necessary to understand human experience and thought in different places and times. History as a discipline covers every dimension of human interaction, from the study of social life and cultural practices to political thought and philosophical views. Students of history learn to make sense of the present in terms of the past, and the past from the vantage point of the present. In history, students study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from a multiplicity of perspectives and across various time periods. Documents comprise the primary data historians examine, and studying history allow students to hone their analytical skills and develop convincing arguments. Equipped with these skills, students of history will be prepared for a number of careers from the civil service to jobs in education, public relations, advertising, publishing, and news and other interactive media.  

Admission Requirements     

The Minor in History is open to all students.  
Minor Requirements

To fulfil a Minor in History, students must complete 5 courses, including HH1001 What is History and 4 other courses from the list of Core and/or ANY category of Major Prescribed Electives. Even though these 5 courses can be taken in any sequence and at any time within the four year degree program, students are advised to complete HH1001 prior to taking other history courses.

The full list of courses can be found here.