Faculty and Staff


Research Staff

Yvonne Lai (Dr.)
Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: 06-18
Tel: 6592 3036
Email: yvonnelai@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Cognitive neuroscience, Cognitive ageing, Ageing brain, 'Cognitive Scaffolding' in ageing, Experimental psychology, Neuropsychology, Psycholinguistics, Language learning, Bilingualism, Neuroimaging, fMRI

Kadek Ratih Dwi Oktarini (Dr.)
Research Fellow
Office: 06-18
Tel: 6904 7477
Email: rkadek@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Social Interaction: multi-modality, casual conversation, institutional interaction such as medical (doctor-patient) interaction and other kinds of institutional encounters. Indonesian (Language): colloquial/conversational Indonesian, conversational Indonesian spoken in Bali and social interaction in Indonesian.

Yvonne Tse Crepaldi (Dr.)
Research Fellow
Office: 06-18
Tel: 6904 7479
Email: ytse@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests:

Firqin Binte Sumartono

Project Officer
Office: Linguistics and Multilingual Studies Lab, S3.2-B3-06
Tel: 6513 2744
Email: firqin.s@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Language planning and policy, Communication Sciences and disorders

Cecilia Zhao Lingxin

Project Officer
Office: HSS-01-03
Email: ceciliazhao@ntu.edu.sg
Ng Gim Thia
Project Officer
Office: HSS-03-48
Email: gimthia.ng@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interest: Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis, Clinical communication, Atypical interactions, Child language acquisition, Bi/multilingualism, Chinese linguistics, Sinitic languages