LMS Minor

The Minor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies is open to all students in NTU.

To satisfy the requirements of a Minor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, students must complete at least five courses with at least 15 AUs.

Compulsory course


  • Any level 2000/3000/4000 LMS courses
  • A maximum of 2 courses from the list below may count towards a Minor in LMS
  1. HC250|2050 Chinese Lexicology
  2. HC253|2053 Varieties of Chinese
  3. HS212|2012 Sociology of Language
  4. HP206|2600 Cognitive Psychology
  5. HC350|3050 Sound and Prosody of Chinese
  6. HC352|3052 Chinese Language and Grammatical Theories
  7. HC450|4050 Chinese Semantics
  8. HC451|4051 Text, Rhetoric and Style
  9. HC452|4052 Special Topics in Chinese Linguistics
  10. Any level 3000 and above language courses offered by the Centre for Modern Languages (open only to students taking these languages as a third language)*


* Maximum of one (1) Modern Language course can be cross listed