LMS Minor

The Minor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies is open to all students in NTU.

To satisfy the requirements of a Minor in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, students must complete at least five courses from the below list totaling at least 15 AUs.


  1. HC2050 Chinese Lexicology
  2. HC2053 Varieties of Chinese
  3. HS2012 Sociology of Language
  4. HP2600 Cognitive Psychology
  5. HC3050 Sound and Prosody of Chinese
  6. HC3052 Chinese Language and Grammatical Theories
  7. HC4050 Chinese Semantics
  8. HC4051 Text, Rhetoric and Style
  9. HC4052 Special Topics in Chinese Linguistics
  10. Any level 3000 and above language courses offered by the Centre for Modern Languages (open only to students taking these languages as a third language)*


*​Maximum of one (1) Modern Language course can be cross listed.