M.A. in Translation and Interpretation


Scholarships and Internships



1. Han Suyin Scholarship Fund (In Translation Studies)

The Han Suyin Scholarship Fund (In Translation Studies), which was set up in 2013 with the funding support of S$500K from external donors to NTU, provides Han Suyin Scholarship to NTU students and faculty yearly. The Scholarship has the following objectives: ​​

·    to support and develop the culture of significant translation endeavours between the English and Chinese languages,

·         to promote appreciation and recognition of excellence in translation works,

·         to expand the capacity and range of translation teaching and advising within the School of Humanities,

·         to connect faculty and students to the core activities of translation excellence.


The Scholarship is open to all final year students pursuing the MTI Programme. Based on their performance, the MTI students can be candidates to compete for the Scholarship under the following three categories:


1.    Outstanding Dissertation: 1st Prize (SGD 2000), 2nd ​Prize (SGD 1000), 3rd Prize (SGD 500)

2.    Outstanding Capstone Project: 1st Prize (SGD 2000), 2nd Prize (SGD 1000), 3rd Prize (SGD 500)

3.    Best Overall Performance: 1st Prize (SGD 2000), 2nd Prize (SGD 1000), 3rd Prize (SGD 500)


All MTI students who submit their dissertation or capstone paper within the time given each year will be automatically included for the competition of the awards. Students do not need to apply. The candidates will be assessed by the Selection Committee and will be informed of the outcome by the MTI Programme Office.


MTI students can also apply for funding from the Han Suyin Scholarship Fund (In Translation Studies) to attend conferences that are related to Translation Studies and studies of Han Suyin. Interested students should email to the MTI Programme Office (mti@ntu.edu.sg) to request for the application form.

2. MTI Research and Teaching Term Fund

The MTI Research and Teaching Term Fund (MTI RTT Fund), was set up in 2018 with the donation of the NTU MTI faculty to the MTI Programme. The Fund aims to benefit the following groups of people:

1.   Current MTI students whose dissertations or capstone papers involve experiments or data collection from human participants

2.    MTI alumni whose dissertations or capstone papers are accepted for conference presentation or journal publication within two years of graduation

3.  NTU faculty who attend conferences/seminars/workshops or other activities that are related to their supervision of the MTI students​

How to make a contribution?


Donations to the MTI RTT Fund is always welcome.


To donate, please visit https://bbis.ntu.edu.sg/do/donate-now.

On the donation page, please select “Others - Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation Research and Teaching” in the Designation drop-down box, choose the amount to donate, fill in the blanks on the page and then click “Donate Now”.


Your gift to the MTI RTT Fund, even if it is a small amount, will have a positive impact on the students’ education and the improvement of the bilingual competence of our future generation in Singapore.

3. Machine Translation Project Awards


The Machine Translation Project Awards (MTPA) set up by the Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society (COLIPS) in 2020 is to support and encourage the MTI students to upgrade their knowledge in machine translation and to equip themselves with skills up to date and hands on experience in translation technology.


The MTI students who have completed TI6004 Translation Technology by the end of Semester 1 in each academic year shall automatically be eligible for the competition of the awards.


There are two categories of the awards, with three prizes for each:

1.    Best Award for English to Chinese Machine Translation Project: 1st Prize (SGD 500), 2nd Prize (SGD 300), 3rd Prize (SGD 200)

2.   Best Award for Chinese to English Machine Translation Project: 1st Prize (SGD 500), 2nd Prize (SGD 300), 3rd Prize (SGD 200)


1. Tender Leaves Translation Internship Programme

Tender Leaves Translation (TLT) is a languages services company focused on literary translation between Chinese and English, writing, editing, and training of young translators. The company is based in Shanghai and Singapore.

The programme is open to all MTI students to apply in January every year.


The programme is project based, and the number of vacancies for each batch of the MTI students depends on the availability of translation projects at TLT:

1.    For major projects (such as translating a book above 100 pages), the student interns will be engaged for a few months or up to 1.5 years.

2.  For smaller projects (compared to translating a book above 100 pages), the student interns may be engaged for a few days or weeks. 


TLT will accept MTI students who have been recommended by the MTI Programme as student interns and TLT will engage MTI student interns in the translation work that will lead to the publication of books, publications in other means, or with no publications.

TLT will oversee and mentor the student interns to ensure the quality of their work. The MTI Programme will monitor the internship projects to ensure that the student interns receive proper guidance and sufficient feedback from TLT.


TLT will record the student interns’ work during the students’ candidature, and will send the records to student interns and the MTI Programme on a quarterly basis (in March, June, September and November respectively). Student interns will receive the scholarship or token of appreciation by cheque from TLT upon their graduation from the MTI Programme.