Translation Workshops


The Basic and the Advanced English-Chinese/Chinese-English translation workshops are specially designed and developed for Civil Servants to enhance their English-Chinese/Chinese-English translation and vetting skills, which will help ensure quality translations and facilitate effective government communications. The training will also help participants develop critical thinking skills through presentations, discussions, and hands-on practice. English and Chinese are given equal emphasis in terms of source language (SL) and target language (TL).
Since 2016, we have offered four runs of the workshops, with a total of 200 public officers from more than 40 agencies having attended the workshops. The responses were overwhelming and the participants’ feedback was all positive. Details of the upcoming run can be found below.
Program​​me Information
Basic Translation Workshop
19 & 20 June 2018
Advanced Translation Workshop
21 & 22 June 2018
Time: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Venue: NTU Executive Centre, NTU@one-north, Buona Vista, Singapore
​ ​Fees: $800 per person
(2 tea breaks and lunch provided per day)
  • Officers who attended the basic workshops were mostly required to do some translation in their job and had less than two years of translation experience;
  • Officers who attended the advanced workshops did translation or vetting of translation as part of their job scope and usually had more than two years of translation experience.

The workshops include case studies, peer review exercise, and scenario-based learning activities during the workshops. The participants will also learn to apply appropriate translation strategies and methods to the practice of translation and reflect on critical translation issues from theoretical as well as functional perspective. ​Upon successful completion of the workshop, each participant will be awarded a certificate.

Conducted by highly trained and experienced professionals engaged by the MTI programme, the workshops provide a theory-informed understanding of translation methods, and more importantly, of how these methods can be applied to improve the productivity and quality of translation output in government agencies.
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