WITTA Congress 2021


Main Conference Workshops

​The Main Conference Workshops will be held during the Conference. Participants can choose to present their papers at the workshop sessions instead of the conference sessions based on the topics of their papers.

1. 1 October, 2021 (Friday)

Theme: Medical Humanities and Medical T&I


1) Practice report: Online interpreting, doctor-patient communication

​​2) Training experience: Co-teaching between medical professionals and T&I professors; intra-organizational training

3) Assessment criteria: International standards (ISO); medical interpreter license

4) Experiential learning: Pre-intern and internship; learning by doing

5) Research methods: In-depth interviews; grounded theory; quantitative research

6) Industry perspectives: Medical assistance company; medical insurance; medical institutions

2. 2-3 October, 2021 (Saturday-Sunday)

Theme: Corpora, Machine Translation, and T&I Teaching


​1) Translation, technology and corpora

2) The use of corpora in machine translation

3) Corpus-assisted translation and interpreting teaching

​4) Construction and application of translation and interpreting​ corpora

5) Corpus-based interpreting studies: design and construction of a multimodal interpreting corpus

6) Study on corpus-based translation and interpreting teaching