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​12 - 13 October An Interdisciplinary Symposium
Environmental Humanities: Paving the way towards a sustainable future
​4 - 5 October ​Asia-Pacific Babylab Constellation
ABC'18: A Showcase of Infancy Research in the Asia-Pacific
​1- 3 ​October Ethics and Human Evolution Conference
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​7 September Workshop
AI Narratives in Singapore
​10 - 11 August
​Rethinking Sinitic Literacy: A Study of Sinitic texts in Southeast Asia
​1 - 31 July
​Singapore Traditional Chinese Glove Puppetry Exhibit
​22 June Workshop on Cognition and Neuroscience: Learning in Bilinguals
​23-24 April The Creation-Evolution Controversy from Global Perspectives
​15-16 March LMS-JIAS Workshop: Language Vitality in the World of Englishes
​8 - 12 January
​ ​The 9th Global WordNet Conference  (GWC 2018)



​Medical Humanities meets success with MOE Tier 2 Award

It is with great pleasure to announce that Professor K.K. Luke and Assistant Professor Lim Ni Eng have been awarded a MOE Tier-2 grant for their project: “Doctoring the Elderly: Doctor-Patient Interaction in a Urology Clinic”. They will receive $440,000 for this grant. Their project is an interdisciplinary study on authentic medical interaction with elderly within the diverse context of multilingual-multicultural Singapore. The collaboration between linguists, frontline clinicians and medical educators in this research promises findings of significance not only to medical studies, but to language and cultural studies in the social sciences as well.