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Rethinking Sinitic Literacy: 

A Study of Sinitic Texts in Southeast Asia

This symposium discusses the Sinitic textual practices in Southeast Asia and their local adaption, and seeks to explore the diversity of this Sinophone sphere.

10 - 11 August 2018
HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)

Keynote Speaker
Professor David Holm

David Holm is Professor at the Department of Ethnology in National Chengchi University and Director of the International Doctoral Program in Asia Pacific Studies. He has published extensively on the traditional language and culture of the Zhuang, a Tai-speaking people indigenous to southern China. He has also conducted extensive research on the vernacular scripts belonging to the various ethnic groups in mainland Southeast Asia.



Picus Sizhi Ding ​"The role of Southern Min in the early contact between Chinese and European Languages"
Khin Khin Aye “Replication of Sinitic lexicon in Bazaar Malay and Baba Malay in Singapore”
​Kok Wai Low San Fa-Requiem to the Dying Sound of Cantonese Taoist Funeral Rites in Singapore”
Catherine Churchman ​“Thinking beyond “Rojak”: Lexical Innovation and Creativity in Penang Hokkien”
​Tom Hoogervorst ​“Late-colonial materials to (re)learn Chinese through Malay”
​Juliette Huber ​"The Hakka community of Timor-Leste"
​Suchart Setthamalinee ​“The Multiple Identities of Chinese Muslims in Northern Thailand”
Caroline Chia “The Disappearing Art of Kaoka of the ‘Silent Minority’ in the Philippines” ​
Joanna Rose McFarland “Chinese Texts in Cambodia: Insights from Cambodian Teochew”
​Jacob Cawthorne ​“The non-Sinitic in the Sinographic World: Kim Mun (Yao) Writing in Northern Laos”

Programme and Abstracts

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