Grant Calendar

The SoH grant calendar provides an overview of selected internal and external grants more commonly supported by our faculty. For full grant call listing, please visit NTU’s Research Grant Directory. (access via stafflink)


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​SoH Start-Up Grant (SUG) ​√ ​√
​College Incentive Scheme  ​√ ​√​
​MOE AcRF Tier 1  ​√
​MOE AcRF Tier 2  ​√ ​√
​MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF) Grant
​√ ​√
​Social Science Research Thematic Grant ​√
​Heritage Research Grant ​√ ​√
​NTU/NUS - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

- Joint Research Projects & Seminars
​Singapore Millennium Foundation Grant

    SoH Start Up Grant (SUG) Applicable to new faculty only
    The HSS-SUG is funded by the Provost and the maximum grant applicable to Humanities and Social Sciences research project is now capped at $35,000, unless other agreements have been made contractually. The grant is to enable newly joined academic staff to undertake preliminary research activities. Full-time, tenure-track faculty who joined NTU no later than half a year from the date of submission is eligible to apply.

    College (COHASS) Incentive Scheme

    The scheme was first introduced by CoHASS in April 2011 to encourage more Tier-2, Tier-3 and external grant applications. The scheme provides seed-funding support that is needed to develop the external grant proposal and is open to all HASS full-time faculty for a grant up to S$3,000. 


    MOE Academic Research Funding (AcRF) Tier 1
    The Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Tier 1 grants are applicable for resarch proposals of project values between $5,000 to $400,000, over 3 years. For projects under the Accountancy, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences discipline cluster, the TPV proposed should be less than $100,000.

    Proposals should be submitted through the NORA system.

    MOE Academic Research Funding (AcRF) Tier 2

    The MOE Academic Research Fund (AcRF) Grant funds research projects on a competitive basis across Singapore-based universities. Each grant proposal submitted should have a total project value (TPV) between $500,000 and $1 million over a three-year duration. Projects under Accountancy, Business, Humanities and Social Sciences (EP4) with TPV of $100,000 and above are eligible for funding under AcRF Tier 2.

    MOE Tertiary Education Research Fund (TRF)
    TRF was set up to promote innovation and research into teaching and learning at a higher education level. The funds applied educational research projects on a competitive basis across Singapore's publicly-funded universities, polytechnics and Institution of Technical Education (ITE). Through the TRF, the MOE empowers Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to actively and continuously improve teaching and learning (T&L) practices based on reliable research and data. The TRF promotes effective and innovative T&L practices which have the potential to improve the quality of T&L across all IHLs in Singapore.

    Social Science Research Thematic Grant

    The Social Science Research Thematic Grant aims to encourage high-quality and impactful social science and humanities research in areas of strategic relevance to Singapore. It supports social science and humanities research projects, programmes or centres with bearing on key societal and economic issues affecting Singapore and the region. It aims to catalyse collaborations among existing research performers in Singapore, and encourage the effective use and adoption of innovative and inter-disciplinary methodologies, techniques and approaches. It also aims to support pathways to impact, including the test-bedding of ideas arising from research.

    There are 2 types of Thematic Grant available:

    • Type A ($100,000 to $1 million for up to 3 years per project) Aims to support smaller-scale investigator-led research in areas of strategic relevance.

    • Type B (>$1 million to $10 million over 3 to 5 years per project) Aims to support more ambitious research where research performers are encouraged to collaborate to pursue more ambitious, inter-disciplinary research on issues of cross-cutting interest.

National Heritage Board - Heritage Research Grant (NHB HRG)

The Heritage Research Grant is a new grant opportunity from Singapore's National Heritage Board (NHB). The objectives of the grant is to encourage local Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), research institutions and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to embark on heritage-related research proposals, to grow and develop the heritage ecosystem in Singapore and to promote the use and technologies for the documentation and preservation of Singapore’s heritage.

NTU/NUS - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
The Japan society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and the National University of Singapore (NUS)/Nanyang Technological University (NTU) carry out bilateral cooperative in accordance with their mutual agreement on international scientific collaboration. The aim of this programme is to form sustained networks evolved from individual scientist exchanges including young scientists, in the areas of Natural Science, Humanities and Social Sciences.

    Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF)

    The Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) was set up as a charity and IPC in 2001 by the then Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd (STPL). Since 2011, it opened its first Grant Call to fund research programmes on  Pedagogy and Learning/Special Needs Education, Ageing and Palliative Care, and Non-Medical Bioscience.​