Research @ School of Humanities

Interdisciplinary Strategic Research Themes

The School of Humanities promotes new interdisciplinary research and education programes based upon the School's comparative strengths, and leading-edge research trends in the international academe. Our five strategic research clusters are:

​Gender Studies Green Humanities​ Interlingual and Intercultural Studies​ Medical Humanities​ Southeast Asian Studies​

News and Events

​5 - 31 January 2019 Exhibition:
Singapore Traditional Glove Puppetry Exhibition
​19 January 2019 ​Exhibition talk:
Singapore Traditional Glove Puppetry Exhibition Talk
Library@Chinatown, 1-2pm

​19 January 2019 Book Launch
Inaugural launch of Hokkien Theatre across the Seas
Library@Chinatown, 2-4pm

Seminars/Lectures by Centre for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC)