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We are a vibrant interdisciplinary research cluster that focuses on the literary, linguistic, social, cultural, historical, and philosophical dimensions of health and sickness. We promote the contributions of the humanities to healthcare, medical practice, and the wider community and foster international collaboration among medical humanities scholars to address healthcare issues of urgent concern in South East Asia and beyond. We seek to expand our network across a wide range of disciplines and welcome applications for PhD research on topics related to health, culture, and society.

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MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg Monday 5 November 2018
10.00am @ HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)
What The Doctor Said
By Giskin Day
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg
Friday 17 August 2018
2.00pm @ The HIVE TR+52
Fantastic Microbes and Where to Find Them: When and How Scientists Borrow from Literature
By Neeraja Sankaran
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg Thursday 16 August 2018
4.00pm @ The HIVE TR+49

Modern Motherhood: Mothers and Doctors over the last 150 years
By Rima Apple

​​MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg
Friday 27 April 2018
2.00pm @ The HIVE, Lecture Theatre (LHS-LT)

Researching Language and Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Communication Education and Practice
By Robyn Woodward-Kron
​​MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg
Wednesday 25 April 2018
2.00pm @ HSS Conference Room (HSS-05-57)

The Human Dimension in Medicine and Healthcare
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Sparks! Art Wellness Exhibition
by Michael Tan

9 - 18 March 2018 at Raffles City Shopping Mall, Level 3 Atrium.

This exhibition is a collaborative project between NTU, the Agency for Integrated Care and the National Arts Council that explores art, aging and wellbeing in aged care. The opening was attended by partners from the arts, health and social care sectors and also mentioned in the Committee of Supply debate in parliament on 08 March 2018 on the topic of: Cultivating a Caring and Inclusive Society for All.

This pilot Nursing Home Artist-In-Residency project is a milestone in the ongoing dialogue and partnership Michael has created with the Agency for Integrated Care and The National Arts Council. The organisers are delighted with the reception of the project amongst the initial group of participating nursing home and intend to extend their exploration in mobilising the arts to enrich the quality of life of seniors and shaping care in society.