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We are a vibrant interdisciplinary research cluster that focuses on the literary, linguistic, social, cultural, historical, and philosophical dimensions of health and sickness. We promote the contributions of the humanities to healthcare, medical practice, and the wider community and foster international collaboration among medical humanities scholars to address healthcare issues of urgent concern in South East Asia and beyond. We seek to expand our network across a wide range of disciplines and welcome applications for PhD research on topics related to health, culture, and society.

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Medicine & Humanities: SingHealth Medical Humanities Colloquium
Date: Saturday, 13 April 2019
Time: 2 - 5 pm
Venue: Singapore General Hospital
More information: click here

MDF-Feb-2019.jpg Death in the Digital Age: A Fulbright - National Geographic Digital Storytelling Project

Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
Time: 4 - 5.30 pm (refreshments provided)
Venue: HSS Seminar Room 4 

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Developing Empathy – Do doctors need to be writers and painters too?

International Symposium on Communication in Health Care 2019
​11-12 February 2019
Jointly organised by School of Humanities and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine


2018​ ​
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Sparks! Art Wellness Exhibition​ by Michael Tan
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg

The Human Dimension in Medicine and Healthcare
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg

Researching Language and Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Communication Education and Practice by Robyn Woodward-Kron​
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg Modern Motherhood: Mothers and Doctors over the last 150 years by Rima Apple​
​​MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg

Fantastic Microbes and Where to Find Them: When and How Scientists Borrow fro​m Literature by Neeraja Sankaran

End-of-life Experiences of ​Time and the Imperative Conversation
by Michelle Chiang​​
The Aesthetics of Pain: ​Semiotics and Affective Comprehension in Music, Literature, and Sensate Experience
By Ronald​ Schleifer​
​Emotions in Medical History: How and Why They Matter
By Angelika Messner
Graphic Medicine Workshops
By Graham Matthews​​
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Medicine and Society: Public Health and Visions of Modern China
By Liping Bu​
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg
What The Doctor Said
By Giskin Day
MH Seminar Peter Schulz UPDATED.jpg
Medicine in the Southern Margins of the Qing Empire: Sources, Actors, Knowledge
By Florence Bretelle-Establet
Medicines Across Eurasia

Digital Humanities: 24 January 2019
Primary Sources for Medical History: 25 January 2019
Workshop and Wrap-up session: 26 January 2019