Our researchers


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Michael Wayne Goodman
Office: HSS-06-18
Tel: 6592 7881
Email: michaelgoodman@ntu.edu.sg

Website: https://goodmami.org/

Research Interests: Computational Semantics, Machine Translation, Natural Language Understanding and Generation, NLP for language documentation

Dr. LIN Qi Feng
Office: HSS-05-16
Tel: 6592 3771

Research Interests:   Aldo Leopold, American environmental history, Southeast Asian environmental history, urban environmental history, and environmental humanities

Dr. Florence MOK
Office: HSS-06-18
Tel: 6904 7202
Email: florence.mok@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Chinese political and social history, c.1945-present; Sino-British relations; history of colonialism and decolonisation; state-society relations in British Hong Kong; Cold War politics; social movement, political culture and identity change. 


Dr. Samuel PERKS
Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: HSS-03-20
Tel: 6592 3767
Email: sperks@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Postcolonial Literature, World Literature, Environmental Humanities,Singaporean Literature and Culture,Literary and Cultural Theory

Dr. Joseph SCALICE
Office: HSS-06-18
Tel: TBA
Email: joseph.scalice@ntu.edu.sg

Website: www.josephscalice.com

Research Interests: 20th century Philippine political and social history, the Cold War in Southeast Asia, the Sino-Soviet split, Communism in Southeast Asia.

Dr. XU Duoduo
Office: HSS-06-18
Tel: 6904 7200
Email: duoduo.xu@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: Chinese Linguistics and Philology, Grammatology, Oral Tradition, Digital Humanities  

Office: HSS-06-18
Tel: 6592 3764
Email: yun.zhang@ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests: History of Gender, Science, and Medicine in China, Reproductive Health and Technology, Mass Media, Consumer Culture, Knowledge Production, Gender Studies, and Chinese History 
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