Faculty and Staff


Management Committee

Professor K.K. Luke
Associate Dean (Research), College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Chair, School of Humanities
​Director, Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

​Office: HSS-03-84B / HSS-03-84
Tel: 6592 2410 / 6513 8140
Email: KKLUKE@nt​​u.edu.sg

Daniel Jernigan.jpg

Associate Professor Daniel Keith Jernigan
Associate Chair (Academic)

Office: HSS-03-68 / HSS-03-84C
Tel: 6316 8834 / 6904 2071
Email: djernigan@ntu.edu.sg

GGY Aug 2016.jpg Associate Professor Goh Geok Yian
 Associate Chair (Research)
​Office: HSS-05-09 / HSS-03-84D
Tel: 6513 8163 / 6904 2072
Email: GYGOH@ntu.edu.sg
Lin Jing Xia.jpg Assistant Professor Lin Jingxia
Associate Chair (Students)
​Office: HSS-03-17 / HSS-03-84E
Tel: 6790 6718 / 6904 2073
Email: JingxiaLin@ntu.edu.sg
Graham Matthews
Assistant Professor Graham Matthews
Assistant Chair (Communications & Outreach)
​Office: HSS-03-70
Tel: 6592 1766
Email: gmatthews@ntu.edu.sg

Associate Professor Yow Chuen Hoe
Head, Chinese 
Director, Centre for Chinese Language and Culture

​Office: HSS-03-15 / CLC-01-13
Tel: 6790 6710 / 6790 6306
Email: CHYow@ntu.edu.sg

Boey Kim Cheng
Associate Professor Boey Kim Cheng
Head, English

Office: HSS-03-62
Tel: 6592 3721 
Email: kcboey@ntu.edu.sg
Hallam Stevens.jpg

Associate Professor Hallam Stevens
Head, History

​Office: HSS-05-07
Tel: 6790 5691
Email: HStevens@ntu.edu.sg

Associate Professor Tan Ying Ying
Head, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies

​Office: HSS-03-50 / HSS-03-80
Tel: 6514 1040 / 6790 4329
Email: YYTan@ntu.edu.sg
Professor Li Chenyang
Head, Philosophy  
​Office: HSS-06-13
Tel: 6513 2161
Email: CYLI@ntu.edu.sg

​Professor Kingsley Bolton
Head, Language and Communication Centre

Office: HSS-02-17
Tel: 65137357
Email: KBolton@ntu.edu.sg

Associate Professor Francesco Cavallaro
Head, Centre for Modern Languages

Office: HSS-03-83
Tel: 65921710
Email: CF​Cavallaro@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Helena Gao

Director, Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (MTI) Programme

Office: HSS-03-05
Tel: (65) 6790 6054
Email: helenagao@ntu.edu.sg​

Dr Erin Lee
​Head, Administration

Office: HSS-03-84
Tel: 69047238​
Email: exlee@ntu.edu.sg

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