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Welcome Message from the Chair

A warm welcome to the website of the School of Humanities (SoH), Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU)!

The School of Humanities was established recently as part of the University’s effort to ready itself for further growth in the humanities and social sciences. SoH was formerly one-half of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) which had become the largest School in NTU in terms of number of undergraduate students.

At present, SoH has more than 110 full-time faculty members who are educating nearly 1,500 undergraduates spread across a range of degree programmes covering the fields of Chinese, English, History, Philosophy, and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies. Our dedicated professors are also nurturing more than 100 graduate students in our PhD and MA research programmes. In addition to the major programmes, the School also offers minors in a number of areas, including Creative Writing and Translation, providing more options for our students.

SoH is also home to three teaching and research centres, namely the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture (CCLC), the Language and Communication Centre (LCC) and the Centre of Modern Languages (CML). The CCLC undertakes research on Chinese language and cultural issues with a Southeast Asian focus. The LCC provides English language and communication courses for students across the NTU campus while the CML offers NTU students the opportunity to learn many new languages, including French, German, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Singapore Sign Language and others.

In SoH, we encourage and support disciplinary excellence as well as interdisciplinary teaching and research. Our aim is to equip our students with up-to-date knowledge, critical thinking, research, as well as communication skills to enable them to excel and pursue their talents and interests and to make lasting contributions to Singapore and beyond.

As former NTU President, Professor Su Guaning, said at the inauguration ceremony of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences some ten years ago, the arts and humanities are the heart and soul of a university. With your help and support, we hope to build an outstanding School and add to the growing reputation of NTU and the quality of life on campus.

Do step into the world of SoH and join us as we move into an exciting future!


Professor K.K. Luke

​Chair, School of Humanities​
Nanyang Technological University