Estimated Flights Costs to Singapore*

Flights to Singapore can be substantially cheaper if booked well in advance. The conference organisers will confirm acceptance of papers no later than January 2017 and delegates are advised to book as soon as possible thereafter to secure competitive rates.

From the US (east coast): S$1550 (€1000)
From Ireland/UK: S$1200 (€770)
From Japan: S$650 (€400)
From Philippines: S$550 (€370)
From Indonesia: S$250 (€170)
From Malaysia: S$120 (€80)
From China: S$750 (€500)
From Korea: S$900 (€600)
From Taiwan: S$350 (€230)
From India: S$700 (€470)
From Australia: S$900 (€600)
From New Zealand: S$900 (€600)
From Brazil: S$2200 (€1500)
From the Czech Republic: S$1100 (€725)

*Estimates only @ September 2016. Estimates in Singapore dollars and euros.